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The Jaase story began with a mother and daughters appreciation for prints, fabrics and all things beautiful. The owners and creative minds behind the label are Karen and Amy McDonnell. The Jaase tribe is all about family, the girls decided to launch the brand together in 2014, to showcase their love for clothes.

Karen and Amy made a promise to each other when launching the brand, that they would aim to make every woman feel and look beautiful in their designs. They create products based on their sun soaked lifestyle on the Sydney Northern Beaches.

Their recognisable designs and prints continue to represent the mother and daughters' love for feminine, yet sexy styles all created in original prints, hand drawn/designed within Australia. All pieces of the Jaase collections have a feel for the Australian beach culture, through the styles, patterns and colours. Karen and Amy are passionate about supporting the fashion industry and keeping designs in house or outsourcing to different design houses within Australia.

The girls are also strong believers in circular fashion, ensuring for a minimal waste of clothing, they strive to make clothes that last a life time and are passed on to your daughters and friends as vintage. The shapes and styles are classic designs that make all women feel beautiful. The mother-daughter duo hopes that when you purchase their beautiful pieces and feel the beauty within each style, you'll keep the dresses for multiple seasons or pass on to a new home, or someone in need.  

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